Friends come in and out of touch, Connection breaks or mends. Struggling with being alone, Rarely finds that place called home. We wander through each daily minute, Hoping to hear a caring voice. Deadened air fills up with sticky sadness, As the days pass when left alone. Miracles happen every day, One upon this very piece of paper. A friend lost far too long ago, Appeared amongst the lost and found. I… Read More

I calmly gaze outside my window, and watch the birds consider baths, as wings of crazy flutters impatiently wait for dawn to take their morning dip. Why do human’s live with schedules upon planned and scribbled lists, when Nature in all her glorious beauty brings us living creatures full of peaceful visions? My ending thought is this my dearest reader, let your schedules go unviewed and simply choose to play, but please… Read More

My answer has always been “ok,” No longer after this very day. The plan is finally written, Times selected for the date. Where I finally arrive, I don’t quite know. As fear begins to slowly swirl, Hidden deep within my soul. Thirty years of fear have passed, To soon be swept away. Allowing other doors to open, When I finally find my home. Dr. Deb

The Spanish bulls were beaten; a crowd is soon begot The matador is beautiful, a symphony and a star Excitement becomes ecstatic As passion plays its part. Gracefully bowing to each ovation, His hands applaud with slippery sweat, As salvia fills his empty smile. So dance, dance, dance, Teach us to be true Come dance, dance, dance, Because we love you. The life he lives crushed him into a liar, Dreams ripped… Read More

While prose is writing, poetry adds artistic style to writing.  Poetry writers tend to select their structure, rhyme scheme, pattern, and words with the purpose of arousing emotion. Rather than sentences and paragraphs, poetry uses lines, stanzas, verses, meter, stress, patterns, and rhyme. Poetry comes in several different forms, but the common types of poetry include: Sonnets – lyrical poetry with a 14-line arrangement Haiku – traditional Japanese poetry Acrostic – mixes letters and… Read More

Our children are our future. Don’t every forget that.

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