See ya in early September sometime!  Surgery day is the 19th which is right around the corner now. I’ll be thinking of all you fabulous followers! Miss ya already! Dr. Deb

My answer has always been “ok,” No longer after this very day. The plan is finally written, Times selected for the date. Where I finally arrive, I don’t quite know. As fear begins to slowly swirl, Hidden deep within my soul. Thirty years of fear have passed, To soon be swept away. Allowing other doors to open, When I finally find my home. Dr. Deb

Sorry I’ve not been online.  There has been a lot of “commotion” and unexpected events during the past month.  Yes, the lovely black bear still comes into our yard every week or so.  My husband uses a metal pan and a wooden spoon to scare it back out of the yard.  After about 15 visits, the bear figured out he doesn’t have to be a bit afraid of Mike. So much for… Read More

This is not a happy topic, but it is a critically important topic. Usually, when a person hears the term “assault” or “molestation,” rape initially comes to mind first. Both sexual assault and molestation have a much broader scope than rape. To understand that,  one needs to view the entire arena of sexual assault on a continuum. The continuum spans from non-touching offenses such as obscene phone calls and dirty jokes to… Read More

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