Love Your Dragons

“We men dream dreams, we work magic, we do good, we do evil.
The dragons do not dream. They are dreams.
They do not work magic: it is their substance, their being.

~ Ursula K. Le Guin, The Farthest Shore ~

~ Stations of Life ~

Words expand and illuminate the human mind with copious amounts of meaning and purpose. Each word enriches our life with strong currents full of infinite experiences. Words can change the energy of each past and present moment. Some words highlight the passions hidden behind a word, while others dig deep into the moments that cause remorse and pain. Humans tend to cling to their “distant futures” while developing their various potentials of what they’ll do or not do. Looking at recent and past moments gives humankind the gift of “choosing and learning.” We are each graced with the ability to discover the impact words have in our life.

Both the anger and love of dealing with our hidden “dragons” of life can cause us humans pain, depression, hatred, love, and much more. In dreamland, each dragon represents an aspect of our internal and/or our external life. Learning how to work with our “inner and outer dragons dreams” empowers us to face our fears while recognizing our gifts.  Having “inner gifts” in this crazy world allows us to make peace with some of the frustrations that plague all that resides on this planet.

Regardless of the type of dragons that shows up in our dreams, these impressive beings simultaneously evoke both awe and fear. The shenanigans dragons pull on us can summon enough of our inner courage to allow us to stand our ground and not run away.  Should we slay our dragons or ask them for guidance?  Gently ask them for guidance.

Living life with dragons zipping around will sometimes drive us crazy. The human heart innately craves the sky rather than a locked room. Remember – if you can’t stand the heat, don’t tickle your inner dragons in the wrong spot.

This website is a bit flirtatious about how we transform our “inner dragons.”

Dr. Deb

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