Prose & Poetry

While prose is writing, poetry adds artistic style to writing.  Poetry writers tend to select their structure, rhyme scheme, pattern, and words with the purpose of arousing emotion. Rather than sentences and paragraphs, poetry uses lines, stanzas, verses, meter, stress, patterns, and rhyme.

Poetry comes in several different forms, but the common types of poetry include:

  • Sonnets – lyrical poetry with a 14-line arrangement
  • Haiku – traditional Japanese poetry
  • Acrostic – mixes letters and phrases
  • Free Verse – no set meter
  • Epic – from oral traditions
  • Rhymed – creates specific rhyme pattern
  • Descriptive – uses descriptive language to express a message
  • Narrative – tells a story

Here’s a list:

Prose Poetry
Written in sentences and paragraphs Written in lines and stanzas
Normal language patterns Artistic language to express thoughts and emotions
No limit on words Word limits
Doesn’t use a rhyme scheme or rhythm Can include rhyme and rhythm
Easy to understand Can take dissecting the words to understand the meaning
May or may not be used creatively Used creatively and artistically

So, now we all know how to write our prose and poetry!  Back to my poetry . . .

Dr. Deb

Twinkle Stars

Stars are constant friends to me,
hidden they can be and sometimes seen,
to fill my mind with wonderings why
the stars can twinkle high up in the sky.

If I could fly with wings that soared,
my daily thoughts would not be bored,
because I’d learn from every star
how each one can shine so far.

But darkness falls as eyelids close,
from struggling out of all my clothes,
I tumble on the bed and sigh,
to watch the stars high in the sky.

Dr. Deb

An Unexpected Gift

My day began with a rainy start – finally!!  We haven’t had rain in weeks. I’m loving the sound the rain makes as it falls on the roof and deck. It’s very soothing to listen to. A few hours ago, an unexpected GIFT ARRIVED.  Nope, I wasn’t expecting anything, but Something Incredible Happened! No, I didn’t win the lottery – it was way better than that. Gina happened – my savior!

Cousin Gina!Image preview
My entire birth family moved into heaven quite some time ago, mom, dad, four aunts, and both of my sisters, Vicki and Sandy. My sisters were both essential parts of my life and losing them 4 months apart was absolutely awful. To this day, I still cannot say I’m gotten over their loss after all these years. Their deaths have become part of my everyday sadness – my family is gone.  Or so I thought . . .

I was on recently when Gina popped in. She is our family’s honorary genealogist, but we had lost contact with each other quite some time ago. I’m still processing how amazing it is to connect with Gina!  I’m not alone!

The bottom line is this: prayers are answered.  I now have Gina, and my half-brother Denny.  Can’t beat that.



The Loss of Sandy & Vicki – I’m in the middle of the second picture

Dr. Deb

Embracing A Moment

Oh, drats, Debs, try again. Don’t move this time. Breathe shallow, slowly, silently.  Don’t get lost in the mesmerizing ebb and flow of the twisting kaleidoscope colors frolicking behind the shuttered darkness of my eyes.  Ah… that’s it.  Very good, in fact. Relax into this moment and experience the sweet smell of silence and the taste of anticipation for yet another moment. Yes, this is it. The moment has arrived.

As I took my first somewhat shaky step onto the path of the following adventure, my mind created a succulent flavor for the crowning moment.  A lovely scent was paired with it to enhance the sweet smell of spring’s fresh breeze after a nourishing rain.  All feelings had been carefully wrapped around the taste of the rain as I spun them into a shimmering cocoon called “possibly safe.” The place where both the chance of defeat and/or sweet triumph continued to swirl and blend.

At this point, some folks might point out there seems to be something missing.  An expectation?  A reward of an outcome?  I decided all expectations were carefully avoided, ignored, obliterated, and ground down into tiny pieces to be shared with Mother Earth at a later date. This is about choice…all about MY choice because my timing mattered.

Oh my, the moment is about to arrive. My eyelids begin to flutter a bit as I allow just a hint of light to be seen. Before I open my eyes, I take the biggest and deepest breath of my entire life. I get lost in the feeling of air filling my lungs — I’m almost dizzy.  My body begins to shake just a bit while I consciously unlock my trembling knees, slowly open my eyes, and double-check the plan I created in my mind.  Ah, yes, the color green does hold quite a vivid flavor of “possible success,” alongside the coolness of its wintergreen mint color.  I feel a titillating breeze begin to blow through my hair as I sense the textures of the clothes against my skin – they feel soft yet somehow a bit irritating.

My eyes finally open and connect with my brain as I translate what I see into my childlike comprehension. The following events are forever branded in my soul because words cannot fully express the power of the “next” moment. To do what I did next was a bit risky for a child. I was five years old, and it was my first day of kindergarten. I had already endured several suffocating hours in a room with total strangers while trying to understand the meaningless words the teachers were saying. On top of all that, I had just been released from the hospital after yet another beating from my father.

My survival fully depended on the next few moments. I stepped into the hall, pondered my choice yet again, and decided it was, in fact, my only salvation. The next step was correct, authentic, and absolutely necessary.  I peaked out the door and stepped out into the hallway, looked both ways, and with total confidence I…

reached up and pulled the fire alarm.

It’s amazing how fresh, clean air feels when walls disappear

Dr. Deb

Everything above is true – yes, I really did pull the alarm

The Michigan Courts immediately removed my two sisters and me from
our birth parents and placed us in foster care.
Both parents were not allowed to be alone with us again
– they both died of alcoholism –

Glass Bottled Ego

When we crush the bottle of
uncaged ego, and the
pieces are thrown away . . .

We’ll step into the forest,
full of shiver, cold, and fright,
while the moon awaits the morning’s light . . .

Fearlessness rushes in,
passion filling heart and soul
to finally let all old things fall  . . .

. . . and once again begin a dance of glee  . . .

Dr. Deb

Friend of the Children

When children are playing alone on the green,
in comes the playmate that never is seen.
When children are sad, lonely, or good,
The Friend of the Children comes out of the wood.

Nobody has heard him, and nobody can say,
If he is a picture that a kid may have drawn,
But he’s sure to be present, abroad or at home.

When children are happy and playing along,
He lays in the laurels; he runs in the grass,
He sings when you tinkle a musical glass;

Whenever you’re happy and cannot tell why,
The Friend of the Children has surely gone by!
‘Tis he, when at night you go off to your bed,
That bids you sleep and not trouble your head;

For wherever they’re laying, in cupboards or shelves,
‘Tis he who takes care of your play-things himself!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I wrote that in 5th grade . . . hope none of you readers
are laughing too hard!!!

Dr. Deb

One Red Leaf

From breakfast on through all the day,
At home among my friends I stay,
But every night I go abroad,
Afar into the land of Nod.

All by myself I must go,
With none to tell me yes or no.
To lounge beside a lazy stream,
In the mountains where I dream.

The strangest things are there for me,
Both things to eat and things to see.
And many frightening sights abroad,
‘Till morning wakes the Land of Nod.

Try as I like to find the way,
I never can get back by day,
Nor remember plain and clear
The curious music I always hear.

Sleepy dreams of falling leaves,
Awakes the sun to my relief.
I look below in disbelief,
The beauty of the one red leaf.

Dr. Deb

Sassy Ash

From life’s experiences and subsequent healings, everything seems to begin and end right between the ears. That’s where the entire universe seems to reside – within our minds. Letting go of mental limitations sets us free from the need to limit ourselves. We all know we can heal ourselves when we make our minds up to do so. That theory was easy to write—excruciatingly difficult to do.

While walking the path to finding our authentic selves, a question popped into my mind. What would we do with the ashes of our memories if we could destroy them with fire? Study them, move them around, try to make sense of the patterns formed by the ash? Toss them in the wind?  I like all those unique out-of-the-box ways of thinking.

So I decided to kick the ash out of my life and become “sassy.”

Dr. Deb