Important Topic

This is not a happy topic, but it is a critically important topic.  Usually, when a person hears the term “assault” or “molestation,”
rape initially comes to mind first.  Both sexual assault and molestation have a much broader scope than rape.  To understand that,  one needs to view the entire arena of sexual assault on a continuum.  That continuum spans from non-touching offenses such as obscene phone calls and dirty jokes to the violent offense of rape.  The common denominator of all offenses is coercion; that being a person is forced to participate in acts against one’s will.  Other offenses on the sexual assault continuum are indecent exposure, sexual harassment, child molestation, incest, sexual exploitation, and pornography.

I share this today because where I live has lots of long country roads full of trees on both sides. That is where the “assaulters” take their victims (male or female).  They are then drugged, used, and left to lay on different dirt roads until someone finds them.  Some are so damaged they die on the road.  All this is true.  I’m a Certified Sexual Assault Advocate and I trained for over a year on this expansive and complicated topic.

Some of you readers might be wondering why I chose to post this.  I did it for two reasons.  One good, one bad.  The good one is to make sure any and all abuse is reported to the police if you know or suspect any type of sexual abuse occurred to you or anyone else.  The bad one is this. Women tend to let their guard down much easier than men do.  It’s a good idea to have a “screamer” in your pocket and use it if you have to – don’t ever think it can never happen to you because it can and it does.  Yes, there are many cases of men being raped – it can, and it does happen to men.  Guys also need to be alert if they go out alone.

I lived through eleven years of assault and molestation – I pray no one ever touches or harms any of you; male or female.  If you need to talk or share, email me at

Be aware – Be safe

Dr. Deb


Beary Cute

Below is a picture of today’s visitor . . .

He/She is probably about one year old.  It was not afraid of people, nor did it try to lunge at us at any point.  It took about an hour to succeed in getting him/her to leave our yard and go into the backwoods.  What a fantastic gift it was to watch it up close.  I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be seeing him every day because they love to roam.

Loved this experience – I “bearly” managed to watch “it” leave without a few tears.  It was a gift from Mother Nature herself.

Dr. Deb

The Bear with No Name

Image preview


Frederik Meijer Gardens

A gorgeous place to visit is in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I’ve been there twice . . . the gardens stir my soul and fill my heart.  If you have the time readers, go there!!  If you live far away, here is the link to their website so you can virtually enjoy the gardens.  Dr. Deb

Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park



Insightful Tornadoes

Have you ever had the feeling that the world around you was spinning faster than a tornado?  Do you sense your internal sky darken a little bit more every day?  Do you frequently turn around to see if someone is standing behind you that you cannot see, yet you continually feel their energy? Hopefully, I’m not the only one that feels those things.

That’s where I’ve been these past weeks – spinning within various tornadoes.  I’m not complaining because it’s time to ruffle up the feathers of my life before I do fall into darkness.  My mind touches my childhood stories for a bit, and then it switches to my book, then it moves on to the joy that completely filled my heart as I watched my granddaughter graduate last evening. Do inner tornadoes actually clean out the crude we’ve built up?  I think that is exactly what they do.  But it’s scary.

So, at 4 am this morning, I began to clear some crude out.  I’m still dizzy.  I’m still clearing.  Things are getting brighter as my eyes slowly begin to open.

Dr. Deb


I walk barefoot when I can.
Each walking step feels like
I’m kissing the Earth with my feet.

I respond rather than react to the
sounds and sights around me
as each step tells me a story.

Sometimes I don’t talk at all
in order to listen.
While thinking
I must never assume anything.

In every single moment,
there is plenty of time.
In this very moment,
I am precisely where I should be.

Each day forever shows me
the infinite possibilities
already living in me,
because they are me.

Dr. Deb


I’ve been diligently working on writing two very different books for over three months. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy writing enormously, possibly more than sex. This morning  (3 am here), I find myself in a stripped-down version of the movie “The Shining,” where Johnny goes nuts. Fellow writers, have any of you become obsessively possessive about your craft?  Do you dream of writing?  Do you get into your writing so deeply that if someone sighs, it shatters your concentration enough to make you want to scream at them?

I’m there right now. It’s not my husband. It’s not the phone (I turn it off when writing).  It’s MY CAT! Oy has to lay right in front of the keyboard and purr, slobber and purr some more before he jumps off in a cloud of cat hair. I’m a tough lady who’s gone through lots of horrible stuff.  You’d think I’d have the ability to easily shove the dang cat off my desk – nope, I can’t.  Attached is a picture of him.

I think I’m going to cough up a hairball.

Dr. Deb

Stepping Away

We never need to fear
the need to step away,
and drop the loads we carry
as our energy begins to sway.

We don’t need to fear our silence
when we want a moment’s peace,
to feed our listless mind and body
and grab a bite to eat.

Rest is not a sign of weakness
because it keeps us strong.
Like the winters on a river
and it’s crunchy frozen top.

Sometimes a shift is needed
to reveal what’s coming next,
as all the steps we’ve taken
created all our strength.

Dr. Deb

Super Moon: Wednesday May 26th

This is a Super Moon with a total Lunar Eclipse. It is one of the most powerful time frames we have for change, transformation, improvement, expansion, and raising our vibration to the highest level possible. It can be as uncomfortable as growing pains but if you stay present and focused on improvement, the rewards are phenomenal. Many indigenous peoples see this time as an anchor for the future, the beginning of a new cycle. What do you want? What do you need? What is showing up for you?

We move from individuality to cooperation and collaboration. It can begin now with the sharing of your dreams and inspirations with others. Take some time during this full moon to acknowledge what has changed in your life, what is in the process of changing, where you have support, and where you could use a bit more. Gratitude and appreciation will always bring a higher vibration to your thoughts and feelings.

From The Power Path