Dr. Deb

“My childhood story of abuse inspired me to become a healing guide for victims of trauma, stress, and abuse.”

Before I was ready to begin my own healing process, I aimlessly moved through life as a programmed robot. I did what I had to do and never failed to do what others asked of me. I carefully hid the depth of my suffering behind my armor and became a “yes” girl who helped others without fail but never helped myself.

As a hypervigilant caretaker, I pleased everyone and desperately sought approval. When I experienced the loss of both my sisters to cancer five months apart, I dropped into the pits of hell. My anger and sadness ruled me as I beat pillows and cursed my maker. I was the part of the walking, living dead who no longer felt any emotions.

My Two Sisters I Lost 5 Months Apart

The paradoxes of life made my road to healing rather painful. When I was ready to listen, my soul whispered, “sweetie, it’s time to pull yourself together.” But my depression kept saying, “Debbie, no, you’re not strong enough to touch your memories.”  I chose not to listen and mustered up enough courage to stand up and be seen as the brave person I always had been beneath the pain. In that powerful moment, I began to heal so I could heal others.

I dug deep, got dirty, and uncovered the sacred truths within my soul. I reconnected with Mother Nature and Earth and relished their comfort. I love having the wind blowing on my face – it clears my mind and makes my heart sing. I learned everything I could about nature’s healing gifts, used them to heal myself, and became the natural healer I already was.

Basically, I am a child of the universe – a product of the natural world and all it contains. My passion is to help people uncover the secrets buried hidden deep inside their “wounded soul” and gently guide and support them as they begin to open their hearts to shine their light upon this world. As a guide of conscious awakening, seeker of truth, and someone who aspires to live each day from her heart and soul, I serve humanity as an instrument of healing and compassion.

The best blessings are unexpected. Mine came in the form of an individual who became my catalyst of change. This person’s infinite wisdom unearthed my true purpose and passion. That purpose became a natural healing practice for victims of trauma, abuse, and stress – a program that helps people gracefully find inner-peace and spiritual healing.

My educational background has various aspects to it – Doctoral Degrees in Natural Health (NHD) and Traditional Naturopathy (TND), a Bachelor of Science in business with a minor in psychology, and extensive training in herbalism, flower essences, and pulse-testing. I am a teacher, educator, and speaker.

Mother Nature supplies all the healing products- without any side effects.

Dr. Deb

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