Beary Cute

Below is a picture of today’s visitor . . .

He/She is probably about one year old.  It was not afraid of people, nor did it try to lunge at us at any point.  It took about an hour to succeed in getting him/her to leave our yard and go into the backwoods.  What a fantastic gift it was to watch it up close.  I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be seeing him every day because they love to roam.

Loved this experience – I “bearly” managed to watch “it” leave without a few tears.  It was a gift from Mother Nature herself.

Dr. Deb

The Bear with No Name

Image preview


Super Moon: Wednesday May 26th

This is a Super Moon with a total Lunar Eclipse. It is one of the most powerful time frames we have for change, transformation, improvement, expansion, and raising our vibration to the highest level possible. It can be as uncomfortable as growing pains but if you stay present and focused on improvement, the rewards are phenomenal. Many indigenous peoples see this time as an anchor for the future, the beginning of a new cycle. What do you want? What do you need? What is showing up for you?

We move from individuality to cooperation and collaboration. It can begin now with the sharing of your dreams and inspirations with others. Take some time during this full moon to acknowledge what has changed in your life, what is in the process of changing, where you have support, and where you could use a bit more. Gratitude and appreciation will always bring a higher vibration to your thoughts and feelings.

From The Power Path

An Unexpected Gift

My day began with a rainy start – finally!!  We haven’t had rain in weeks. I’m loving the sound the rain makes as it falls on the roof and deck. It’s very soothing to listen to. A few hours ago, an unexpected GIFT ARRIVED.  Nope, I wasn’t expecting anything, but Something Incredible Happened! No, I didn’t win the lottery – it was way better than that. Gina happened – my savior!

Cousin Gina!Image preview
My entire birth family moved into heaven quite some time ago, mom, dad, four aunts, and both of my sisters, Vicki and Sandy. My sisters were both essential parts of my life and losing them 4 months apart was absolutely awful. To this day, I still cannot say I’m gotten over their loss after all these years. Their deaths have become part of my everyday sadness – my family is gone.  Or so I thought . . .

I was on recently when Gina popped in. She is our family’s honorary genealogist, but we had lost contact with each other quite some time ago. I’m still processing how amazing it is to connect with Gina!  I’m not alone!

The bottom line is this: prayers are answered.  I now have Gina, and my half-brother Denny.  Can’t beat that.



The Loss of Sandy & Vicki – I’m in the middle of the second picture

Dr. Deb

Glass Bottled Ego

When we crush the bottle of
uncaged ego, and the
pieces are thrown away . . .

We’ll step into the forest,
full of shiver, cold, and fright,
while the moon awaits the morning’s light . . .

Fearlessness rushes in,
passion filling heart and soul
to finally let all old things fall  . . .

. . . and once again begin a dance of glee  . . .

Dr. Deb

A Monks Message

I began to watch the movie “The Holiday” around 3 am, and of course, I fell asleep. The interesting part is the dream I had.  A monk was sitting in silence with me. The setting was a small bedroom type of setting. He began to whisper things to me that I could not understand verbally. Strangely, I did understand everything he said in both my conscious and subconscious mind. He held a scroll in his hand that he was reading from.  He tried to show me something, but the “item” disappeared before I could see it.  Suddenly, we had left the room and were walking through many rooms; some had monks sitting beside us ordinary everyday people. We stopped and chatted with a few of them, and the monk finished each visit by letting everyone know I was a student getting ready to graduate, but I was choosing not to be ready.

He shared out loud that “she doesn’t believe she can be ready; therefore, she won’t ever be ready.”  We then abruptly jumped into a kitchen setting, and he finally spoke to me with words I could understand.  At one point, we both laid down on a bed to take a restful nap. I was reading things in my sleep, but I don’t remember any of them.  We both woke and went to a higher level in the building and out onto a roof paved with gorgeous stone steps. We smudged, cleansed ourselves, and he pulled out a scroll.  He tried hard to help me understand and release my fears but could not do it.  He wrapped a robe around me and told the group I would be ready soon, but I must continue to walk the path of understanding a bit longer. The monk vanished into thin air, leaving me on the roof alone to watch the sky and wonder why I wouldn’t try.

The theme of the “The Holiday” movie I had been watched was about finding self in order to live authentically. I sometimes wonder why I don’t try to live that way. Maybe I’m lazy? Maybe I’m crazy?

Sadly, it’s because I still live under someone else’s thumb. Do you?

Dr. Deb

Trains, Views & Hairbrushes

The trains go by my house roughly six or seven times a day – guaranteed. They can be a bit loud, partly because the engineers are required to blow their horn three times at every railroad crossing. Occasionally, we get an exceptionally kind engineer that breaks the rules and chooses NOT to blow the horn at the three railroad crossings on our road front. Wondering why the heck we bought a house in front of an active railroad?  The view. The birds. The cougars. The bear. The trees. The fresh air, and the people.

The availability of water is important to each of us – we’d die if we ran out. I’m taking a big leap here – yes, both water and food do sustain our lives. But we also need to remember our friends, family, cats, dogs, military personnel, the check-out lane folks, doctors, nurses, and spiritual personnel who help each of us sustain our lives. It’s also about the view that takes our breath away, the birth of a child, a new litter of kittens, and feeling the wind blow through my hair as it clears out the unimportant crude running amuck in my brain. I don’t need to worry about going to hell – I’m already living in heaven.

Dr. Deb

My view of wind and water
Now, where did I put my hairbrush?

Happy Day to Everyone

Split Rock Lighthouse – North Shore

SUMMER-North-Shore-MN-Lake-Superior-hiking-woman-JK-Joshua-Krause-full-usage_REV_CC - Visit Cook County MinnesotaMe – On the Rocks Again
(Without alcohol – Ha!)



High Upon Your Saddle

Love the work you do, wearing the best shoes you can afford
Seek to know bees do sting and ghosts will haunt,
While the masters rarely surround themselves with illusion
For everyone is an optimal mix of both vision and fact.

Know labor is a value and learning a value of delight
Bridge yourself with loyal strength and passion,
Watch times breadth and length of space among the stars
Understanding life and death both count equally.

Play the music you dearly love high upon your straddle
And replay your wisdom as you take it to the grave.
Must you still forfeit excitement? To what end?
Simply gaze upon the fabric of your time.

Dr. Deb


Where have my words gone?
Did they leave me from its boredom?
Has the rain washed them away?

The sky is clouded with loneliness
As am I, when I cry, but not today
No need to put on my fake smile.

Today, the birds are singing
With songs of Spring’s arrival
As a smile appears across my face

While the cat drools for a bird
Protected behind the glass
I now know Mother Nature
Has pushed me off my ass.

Dr. Deb’s Humor

Grief Keeper

Longing, loss, loss, and grief. Those are some of the hardest things to work with. I’m not only talking about the death of “a person,” it can be the death of a routine, a recipe you lost from your great-great-grandmother, a job opportunity you thought you had in the bag, or you just found out they discontinued your favorite brand of toilet paper. Grief is not something to be “cured” or “to get over.”  You have to live through it, grapple with it, smack it down, and watch it bounce back up and feel it tear your heart to pieces yet again.  The bummer in our society is we have been taught to deny our grief.  We can have it for a little bit, but not too long because we need to “get over it.”

John Green wrote the following in his novel, The Fault in Our Stars.  “The pleasure of remembering had been taken from me because there was no longer anyone to remember with.  It felt like morning the death of a co-rememberer, which meant losing the memory itself of the things we’d done together that were real and less important than they had been hours ago”.  That’s POWERFUL! I understand this quote to the tightest throat-strangling level.  I lost my entire birth family before I was 45; parents and siblings; my only child.  All my birth family that co-created my childhood memories have passed on.  Now, I’m the “Keeper of My Own Memories.”

Nothing seems to be normal in our world lately. We fear sharing the fear we all feel with all the COVID deaths that could potentially knock on our door. The experience of grief, no, actually the effect of grief, is something we need to reorient ourselves to . . . again.  That includes physical issues, emotional fears, and all those deeply hidden feelings.  I think a lot of us feel like “I’m grieving” has been stamped on our foreheads.

Remember, feeling lost can happen by “grieving” anything, not just self. Maybe you’ve lost a cherished item or are beginning to slowly lose some of your memories from aging. Or, you are in shock from learning you are terminally ill, just when you also found your spouse is cheating on you.  Grieving makes it easy to forget how to behave, where to park the car, or being shocked when we have moments where we cannot comprehend the meaning of a word – at all.  How do we pull ourselves out of the quagmire of grief? Very carefully and with a generous amount of gentleness.

I’ve created a new “F” word for society. “Forgiveness.” Forgiving can help release the pain of longing, loss, being lost, and feeling nothing but grief.  Forgive those who have passed away, the boss that didn’t give you your well-deserved promotion, and forgive your husband for watching football every Sunday.  Last, but not least, forgive your hairdresser for that ugly “doo” she gave you just before the wedding you needed to attend.

The bottom line is that letting go IS the best form of self-healing.  So, let all your crazy human feelings bounce around and just be your authentic self.  Remember to giggle and dance to your heart’s desire.

Hugs, Dr. Deb