I’ve been diligently working on writing two very different books for over three months. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy writing enormously, possibly more than sex. This morning  (3 am here), I find myself in a stripped-down version of the movie “The Shining,” where Johnny goes nuts. Fellow writers, have any of you become obsessively possessive about your craft?  Do you dream of writing?  Do you get into your writing so deeply that if someone sighs, it shatters your concentration enough to make you want to scream at them?

I’m there right now. It’s not my husband. It’s not the phone (I turn it off when writing).  It’s MY CAT! Oy has to lay right in front of the keyboard and purr, slobber and purr some more before he jumps off in a cloud of cat hair. I’m a tough lady who’s gone through lots of horrible stuff.  You’d think I’d have the ability to easily shove the dang cat off my desk – nope, I can’t.  Attached is a picture of him.

I think I’m going to cough up a hairball.

Dr. Deb

Super Moon: Wednesday May 26th

This is a Super Moon with a total Lunar Eclipse. It is one of the most powerful time frames we have for change, transformation, improvement, expansion, and raising our vibration to the highest level possible. It can be as uncomfortable as growing pains but if you stay present and focused on improvement, the rewards are phenomenal. Many indigenous peoples see this time as an anchor for the future, the beginning of a new cycle. What do you want? What do you need? What is showing up for you?

We move from individuality to cooperation and collaboration. It can begin now with the sharing of your dreams and inspirations with others. Take some time during this full moon to acknowledge what has changed in your life, what is in the process of changing, where you have support, and where you could use a bit more. Gratitude and appreciation will always bring a higher vibration to your thoughts and feelings.

From The Power Path

Down on my Knees

Please don’t ignore me ’cause my skin is rough
with tattered clothes upon my frame
with stains of blue and black
that sting the soul with shame

The blood inside me is just like yours
when beaten, we feel pain
when raped, we feel rage
when held tight with love, we cry

My walk upon this land is shortening
with people gone, I once had hugged
so full of fear of what’s to be
I fall onto my knees

Pray someday our world will see
all the you’s and me’s
who fought the fight to set us free
that will someday walk right next to me

Love to all – Dr. Deb

Becoming Your Own Legend

Authentic power has its roots in the deepest core of the soul. It cannot be purchased or hoarded. Folks who choose to work with their authentic power are incapable of making anyone, or anything, a victim. What we humans tend to perceive as being insurmountable, in reality, rarely is.

We have all learned that choosing to be a victim of our personal stories limits transformation. Why does one person get up after being pushed down when others do not? They choose to get up. More than likely, they worked very hard to avoid falling into the “false glory” of victimhood. They stopped blaming their hurt feelings, broken dreams, and fears on others to become self-accountable through choice. There is very little value in suppressing the self.

Conscious healing and empowerment bring all aspects of being human into balance. Moving through life with a healthy body, honest emotions, a clear mind, and the free-flowing spirit of an authentic soul makes it much easier to clean the rubbish out of our thoughts. When we step away from our memories and stories, we no longer see ourselves as victims. That is conscious empowerment of the soul of moving beyond your life’s story.


Personal freedom “responds” to every moment rather than reacting to illusions. When fully present, we become unfettered by past events and the emotional garbage we collected along the way.  Yes, walking the path of consciousness takes discipline and dedication. However, the gift of learning to walk away from pain and suffering is gratifying. It teaches us acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion. We become responsible for the actions we take because the past only haunts those who cling to it.

In the first part of this writing, I mentioned I’d “lost my mind.”  The only way I found the clarity of my mind again was by kicking my ghosts and their spooky whisperings out of my head.  I felt an intense rush of freedom when I began consciously releasing the emotional stories my bully’s brain-mind kept chattering about.  Today, I view those narratives written so long ago are simply back-fence chatter.  By setting my mind free, I found my authentic soul.

My wish for you, dear reader, is that your healing process is gentle and filled with love, curiosity, and magical wonder. Buddha said, what you think, you become.  What you feel, you attract.  What you imagine, you create.

So, no matter what, be your own kind of beautiful self and open any door you’d like.

Dr. Deb

Bully Brain Sass – Part II

Welcome to Day 2 – Part 2!!!

Maybe you were surprised to discover the main culprit capable of creating either extreme fear or amazing personal transformation has set up lodging right between our ears! The nastiest part of the bully brain is its relationship with the logical left brain. That is where all the tapes of our life stories are stored. The mind replays what the heart cannot delete – incessantly.  Because bully brain sass hides deep within the logical brain – it never leaves us alone.  It truly is the biggest bully that ever lived.  With innumerable tangling tentacles constantly writhing around inside the logical mind, it tends to asphyxiate many of our good-thoughts. Our left-brain logic has dominated and harmed consciousness for centuries.

Question for you – do the thoughts dancing around in your mind do more harm than good?  Bully brains use many nasty voices to chat away in the left brain. They are experts at making up “false thoughts and stories.”  Unfortunately, if we choose to listen to this sass, it makes conscious healing very difficult. The basic tool to liberate the “bully brain” is to choose to kick the “bully brain sass” out of the logical side of your mind. Let go of all its destructive chattering thoughts. That’s when you’ll have the power to begin to choose what qualities you want to in your life.

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In the face of uncertainty,
Believe two things,
You are stronger than you think,
and you are never alone.

Because we choose to call an issue
a challenge rather than a crisis

Because we looked at hardship
as an opportunity instead of an obstacle

Because, at the end of a matter, we asked,
what we learned that made us better

Because courage does not depend on the weather
the economic forecast, or the winds of a whim

Because we choose to know the most significant
elements in our day were laughter and learning to apply
our finest efforts into each endeavor

BECAUSE of these things,
each morning has been a pleasure and every day past was a success.

Dr. Deb

All Shook Up

When shaken, the intense pressure within a sealed bottle of carbonated soda patiently waits for a tiny crack to give way so it can explode.  Repetitive trauma and/or stress weakens the mind, body, and spirit in the same way.  Today’s society is off the charts, with people suffering from high-stress levels and unrelenting trauma. Their body, mind, and soul really want to explode.

Many of the “shaken” folks are First Responders, Doctors, Nurses, Volunteers, Educators, and every-day people from various walks of life. The burdens and fears they bury deep within creates ill-health, traumatic memories, depression, desperation, abuse, isolation, and bullying, to name a few.  Accumulated traumas cause us to lead what Thoreau called “Lives of Quiet Desperation.”  That becomes doubly cruel if life is endured within isolation and loneliness.

Does that all mean we’re no longer healthy? You bet it does.

Please don’t hide your pain and despair….talk with someone who can help.  Please know myself and many others are sending love and light to all the people who only have darkness in their life.

Dr. Deb

The Elements of Nature

This post is a bit lengthy but necessary.  And, I apologize for needing to change the theme. The other went “kaput”.

In many ancient philosophies, classical ‘elements’ are used to describe the different energies or patterns in nature on the Earth. The four elements most frequently identified are earth, water, fire, and air. Space, also known as aether, void, consciousness, or spirit, is used in Hindu, Buddhist, Japanese and Greek systems of thought. Ancient Chinese philosophy adds metal and wood as elements.

Each of the elements is essential to the existence and well-being of both the earth and all life forms upon it, including humankind.  Everything is made up of some combination of these elements, people, companies, games, plants, music, art and so much more. An integral unexpected analogy of applying these elements into everyday life would be landscape design. The elements are embedded in the human psyche and can be expressed as aspects of a garden. And so, trees, hedges, planting beds, grassy areas, garden gates, pathways, clearings, pergolas, arbors, garden huts, fences, terraces, rocks, ponds, waterfalls, fountains, benches, etc. – all link back to earth’s basic elements.  The elements of all life around us.

Please contact me if you would like to connect with someone who knows this philosophy inside and out.


The earth element is the energy of inanimate substances. Soil is the representation of the earth in the landscape. It was produced by the weathering of rock by wind and water. Soil is where life in the landscape begins and is sustained. The soil type determines the plant species that will thrive in an environment.


Water is the essence of fluidity and liquidity. Every living thing on Earth is made primarily of water. All life has evolved from water and it is essential to sustain life. Plant materials in the landscape cannot exist without water. Because of water’s link to our beginnings, the sound and sight of water in the landscape can magically transport us to a place where our spirit is restored.


Fire is the heat energy created on Earth by the energy of the sun. Without the sun, the warmth necessary to produce and sustain life would not be possible. In the landscape, the sun is essential for plant life. The amount and intensity of sunlight in a garden is an important consideration in the selection of plants.


Air is the substance that surrounds us; we breathe it into our bodies bringing life-giving oxygen. The atmospheric gases in the air sustain the living world. Plants take in carbon dioxide from the air and give off the oxygen necessary for human life. Air creates the winds, clouds, and breezes that we feel and hear. The air element is represented in movement and is the medium in which sound is transported.


The space element has numerous interpretations in the ancient philosophies. It is sometimes seen as the spatial dimension that contains the other elements. In this regard, space is very important to landscape design. The design defines the space and contributes to the perception of it. In other interpretations, space is seen as consciousness or spirit: an element not of the Earth but of the heavens – an idea or a divine thing. Consciousness in human beings allows us to separate ourselves from each other and to distinguish ourselves from other living creatures. It gives rise to our sense of spirit, of being connected to something beyond the Earth, of the divine. It is this aspect of space that we strive for in our gardens – an ability to ‘restore the spirit’.


The metal element is the energy of solidity. It is manifested in the rock that forms the Earth’s core. Rock is where soil begins, being broken down by the wind and water. Rock and metal sculptural forms provide focal points within a garden.


The wood element is the essence of vegetative living things. It is represented in all plant material on Earth. Plants, and their ability to give off oxygen necessary for human life, are essential in healing the earth.

Our human ability to apply the elements to healing is commonplace in our everyday world and this extremely powerful way of healing is sadly overlooked. There is a rich, succulent

Dr. Deb