A Child of Nature

I am the somewhat crazy writer, author, and creator of the website “Deb’s Dragons.” I’m glad you landed on this website that shares a few of the truths and rawness of living life that we tend to keep hidden within our hearts. This blog contains techniques and suggestions on breaking free from negativity to ensure our hopes, dreams, and talents are shared with humanity.

To quote a Steppenwolf lyric, I am a “true nature child,” a product of the natural world and all it contains. I was born with a naturally high level of intuition. My purpose on earth has always been to guide others on their path toward balance, peace, and healing. I honor and love all who are trying or have opened their hearts enough to shine their unique light on this very volatile world, as well as those who cannot quite find the energy that would allow them to be seen. I aspire to live from my heart and soul as an instrument of healing and compassion for myself and others.

I’m most comfortable in nature, love to learn about everything, love writing, and I rarely stop pondering all the strange dichotomies of living life. I’m not fond of judgments because they build barriers between people rather than respect. However, I have enough love in my heart to heal the universe, and I’m trying to do just that – one person at a time.

The soul holds the memories of all those we have met or lost. I lost my entire family – Mother, Father, both sisters, all my aunts, and uncles. You’ll learn a bit about the dark side of my life as a child, as well as the beauty that eventually sculpted and protected me. I do, thankfully, still have my cat. I hold two Doctoral Degrees—one in Natural Health and another in Traditional Naturopathy.  I’m a Certified Sex Trafficking Advocate, an ex-nurse, almost a published book author, and a red-head with graying hair (which, I might say, does make me look a bit sassy).

The Buddha shared the mind’s reality is often demonstrated through varying forms of questions and answers. One question might be, “What is the one area of concern shared by all people.”  My answer – all beings, humans, animals, and insects alike, all desire to avoid suffering.  When we seek happiness to soothe our unhappiness, we do, in fact, embrace the true essence of the heart. If the heart holds anger, we will be angry. If the heart holds happiness, we will be in happiness. I’d choose happiness because maybe, just maybe, when we expand our hearts with lots of love and hopes for peace, we’ll actually end up finding it.

Dr. Deb

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