My Parents

Madness, I’ve decided, now stands for my “Mom & Dad Never-Ending Self-Sabotage.”  How did that affect me as a child?  In ways more profound than the ocean and storms stronger than time itself.  Invisibly was always the safest cloak I wore to avoid danger in various ways.  My abuse started before I was six years old.  Don’t ever let anyone do that to you, your children, or anyone else.

I’ve now chosen to re-label the word “madness.”  To me, it now means “Marvelous Amazing Days of Never-Ending Self Support.”  This issue, this hatred of my parents and what they inflicted on me, must be released for my own mental health and physical strengthening. So here is what I said to my parents after they passed away.

“Mom and Dad – screw you.  I’ve over the harmful damage you did to me.  Bless your heart and bust my balls; I won’t pick you up if you fall.”

On a kinder note, one last thing.  Many thanks to all you “Fab Followers.”  Each of you is such a perfect reflection of kindness in my book.  You write and share “words” that are so lovely, serious, crazy silly, and downright awe-inspiring.  This comment may sound a bit corny, but I do love all of you.

Dr. Deb

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