It seems one of the most interesting “blocks” we have as a human is being addicted to living in suffering for extended periods of time. Some people choose to live their entire life deeply buried in stress and loneliness while silently suffering. We have two options for living life – to live it actively or passively bury our heads in the sand. Passive makes us victims of others who make all our decisions about our life. Another words, they are bullies.

The second option is to develop a pro-active role in life, one where we feel our positive energy as it helps us select a life full of wonder and joy. We can then readily expand and grow through each and every experience and choice we make. The third option is to assist the ecology of our community. The amount of energy we give to those who help build a new culture for this world’s future is crucial.

Pledge to be an active participant in every moment of life. You get to choose what, where, when, and why. In that fashion, all of us get to enjoy life rather than dreading it.

Dr. Deb

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