No, I will not break because of you,
I will never make the mistakes I almost did.
I’ll not allow myself to fill myself with misery.
Safe could never stop my pain, yet I know I’ll never break.

By trying not to hurt again, myself has never lived like I have.
When no one is around, I cry my pain to sleep.
If I lose my will and way, it’s quickly pushed away.
But yet again, I’ll never cry, I’ll never break.

Weakness does not hide behind my eyes.
As I fake each and every day,
Who I really am inside.
A smile, a laugh, and saying I’m okay.

You will never break into my heart,
It never belonged to you anyway.
I watched myself die from grief,
So very young back in those days.

As you think only of yourself each day,
Know I’ll never let you in.
Because the time has now arrived
For you to finally see,
How little I miss you

Dr. Deb

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