Learn to love the work you do, wearing the best shoes you can afford.  Seek to know that bees sting, ghosts haunt, and masters scarcely surround themselves with illusions.  Everyone is a mix of vision, facts, and time.  Know labor is valuable, and learning is an absolute delight.  To both bridge delight and hypnotize yourself, you must support your passions while gazing upon time’s breadth and length of space among the stars in the sky.

Both life and death count equally.  We must dance to the music high astraddle the warp of all the new wisdom we will take to the grave.  Must we forfeit excitement?  To what end would that be?  We have seen what is real – we already know the infinite fabric of time.

I know I’ll come back to the earth’s magic, her lakes, the blue sky, and the universe to once again feel its magical religion.  I know I’ll play with all the rocks, swim in the lakes, spray water out of a hose, and always remember to give thanks to the sky.  And, at some point in time, once again, I will slowly float up to heaven and gaze upon all that was once again hidden from me in life.

Dr. Deb

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