Birthing a New Life

The Spanish bulls were beaten; a crowd is soon begot
The matador is beautiful, a symphony and a star
Excitement becomes ecstatic
As passion plays its part.

Gracefully bowing to each ovation,
His hands applaud with slippery sweat,
As salvia fills his empty smile.

So dance, dance, dance,
Teach us to be true
Come dance, dance, dance,
Because we love you.

The life he lives crushed him into a liar,
Dreams ripped apart and tossed into a fire,
Rejection hidden from his sight.

For the wine of oblivion,
Had been drunk to the very dredge,
The merchants of the masses
Must now begin to beg.

So we dance, dance, dance,
and try to be true
We dance, dance, dance,
Because we love you.

‘Til the giant becomes aware of
Someone pulling on his leg,
The tapping at the door
Might really leave them dead.

Ignorance is everywhere
and people have their ways,
Success becomes an enemy
To the losses of each day.

Deep within the Church’s shadow,
Who knows what was really prayed
As the blood of murderous mayhem,
Has become the language of each day.

In time a message will arrive,
Full of all our hopes and dreams
That spreads across all lands,
As love and light begin to heal
The hearts of all mankind.

Until then, we dance, dance, dance,
because we know what’s really true
As we dance, dance, dance,
Remember, I love all of you.

Dr. Deb

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