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Sorry I’ve not been online.  There has been a lot of “commotion” and unexpected events during the past month.  Yes, the lovely black bear still comes into our yard every week or so.  My husband uses a metal pan and a wooden spoon to scare it back out of the yard.  After about 15 visits, the bear figured out he doesn’t have to be a bit afraid of Mike. So much for that idea.  I’m glad the bear isn’t going after anyone because it is fun to watch him when he walks through our yard.  I’ve given him the name of Trasher.  He loves trashing trash so we humans can clean it up.

On to Smoke.  Those of you in the US might already know the fires are burning further north and west of here and moving down through Minnesota. Warnings are already out that advise that everyone stay inside because of the damage the smoke can do to our lungs.  Yes, where there’s smoke, there is fire, but there are no active fires burning here thankfully.  Just the “smoldering” stuff.  Whew.

These past few days have been filled with our family visiting us in Two Harbors. They are down in Duluth right now, getting homemade candy, taking tours on the ore boats, bands are playing in the park, and much more.  Our kids have two kids now – a boy that is 14 and a daughter that is going to the University of Duluth this year.  She’ll be living about 15 miles from us and I’m sooooo excited because we’ll be able to see her more often!  That has really made my year.

Then there is my fear.  I’ll be having my “total knee replacement” replaced! The replacement has failed after about two years – they don’t know why.  So, I’ll be out of commission for at least a month.  It’s a complicated procedure when it is a second time around issue.  At this moment, I’m glad I don’t know any details about the surgery – I’ll know Tuesday.  Then I’ll begin to get a bit fearful of the procedure.  My soothing thought is many people have gone through this and I’ll be fine.  Plus, the surgeon is a very handsome man who also is a very kind and considerate person.  I think I won the lottery with him being my surgeon.  So, to bust up the fear that keeps dancing around in my brain, I created a statement that will help release my fear.

Fear is like fire, we want to immediately run from it, but it’s easier to simply pour water on it to put it out.

Dr. Deb

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