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This is not a happy topic, but it is a critically important topic. Usually, when a person hears the term “assault” or “molestation,”
rape initially comes to mind first. Both sexual assault and molestation have a much broader scope than rape. To understand that,  one needs to view the entire arena of sexual assault on a continuum. The continuum spans from non-touching offenses such as obscene phone calls and dirty jokes to the violent offense of rape.  The common denominator of all offenses is coercion; that being a person is being forced to participate in acts against their will. Other offenses on the sexual assault continuum are indecent exposure, sexual harassment, child molestation, incest, sexual exploitation, and pornography.

I share this today because where I live has lots of long country roads full of trees on both sides. That is where “assaulters” take their victims (male or female). They are then drugged, used, and left to lay on different dirt roads until someone finds them. Some are so damaged they die on the road. All this is true. I’m a Certified Sexual Assault Advocate and I trained for over a year on this expansively complicated topic.

Some of you readers may wonder why I chose to post about this top. I did it for two reasons. One good, one bad. The good one is I needed to make sure any and all abuse is being reported to the police.  If you know or suspect any type of sexual abuse occurred to you or anyone else, contact the police.  The bad one is this. Women tend to let their guard down much easier than men.  It’s a pro-active and very good idea to always have a “screamer” in your pocket so you can use it if you need to – don’t ever think it could never happen to you because it can, and it does.  Yes, there are many cases of men being raped as well- it can, and it does happen to men so all you guys need to be alert if you are out alone.

I lived through eleven years of assault and molestation – every day I pray that no one ever touches or harms any of you; male or female. If you need to talk or share, email me at

Be aware – Be safe

Dr. Deb


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