An Unexpected Gift

My day began with a rainy start – finally!!  We haven’t had rain in weeks. I’m loving the sound the rain makes as it falls on the roof and deck. It’s very soothing to listen to. A few hours ago, an unexpected GIFT ARRIVED.  Nope, I wasn’t expecting anything, but Something Incredible Happened! No, I didn’t win the lottery – it was way better than that. Gina happened – my savior!

Cousin Gina!Image preview
My entire birth family moved into heaven quite some time ago, mom, dad, four aunts, and both of my sisters, Vicki and Sandy. My sisters were both essential parts of my life and losing them 4 months apart was absolutely awful. To this day, I still cannot say I’m gotten over their loss after all these years. Their deaths have become part of my everyday sadness – my family is gone.  Or so I thought . . .

I was on recently when Gina popped in. She is our family’s honorary genealogist, but we had lost contact with each other quite some time ago. I’m still processing how amazing it is to connect with Gina!  I’m not alone!

The bottom line is this: prayers are answered.  I now have Gina, and my half-brother Denny.  Can’t beat that.



The Loss of Sandy & Vicki – I’m in the middle of the second picture

Dr. Deb

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