Birds & Windows

I have a beautiful view of Lake Superior from the window where I write. The unfortunate entertainment occurring now is quite a few birds are flying into our large windows. When I write, I am very focused – pretty much not in this world at all. Nature decided to allow the spring birds to fly into our windows a foot away from my computer. The birds always seem to pick a time when I’m super focused; I literally jump every single time a bird slams into the window. Some have lived, some did not. I hold all the birds until I sense they are getting ready to fly away.

It is an amazing feeling to hold a wild bird in your hands, whether they are Junko’s, Downy Woodpeckers, or Eagles. Most are scared beyond belief. I lay them on a hand towel to calm them until their “window strike headache” passes. Their little eyes are usually closed a bit until they get over the shock of hitting the window.  When they begin to blink their eyes, I lay them down on the towel and step away and watch them from the window until they fly away.

FYI. There are no decals or screens that will stop birds from hitting windows, particularly in the spring. So, my fabulous husband is screening in the area in front of my windows so they quit trying to give me a heart attack.

PS:  I’ve worked with birds for quite some time. I’ve held eagles, vultures, bluebirds, and many more. I’m not an ornithologist, I just worked with one. The birds pictured below are osprey.

Dr. Deb

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