Trains, Views & Hairbrushes

The trains go by my house roughly six or seven times a day – guaranteed. They can be a bit loud, partly because the engineers are required to blow their horn three times at every railroad crossing. Occasionally, we get an exceptionally kind engineer that breaks the rules and chooses NOT to blow the horn at the three railroad crossings on our road front. Wondering why the heck we bought a house in front of an active railroad?  The view. The birds. The cougars. The bear. The trees. The fresh air, and the people.

The availability of water is important to each of us – we’d die if we ran out. I’m taking a big leap here – yes, both water and food do sustain our lives. But we also need to remember our friends, family, cats, dogs, military personnel, the check-out lane folks, doctors, nurses, and spiritual personnel who help each of us sustain our lives. It’s also about the view that takes our breath away, the birth of a child, a new litter of kittens, and feeling the wind blow through my hair as it clears out the unimportant crude running amuck in my brain. I don’t need to worry about going to hell – I’m already living in heaven.

Dr. Deb

My view of wind and water
Now, where did I put my hairbrush?

Happy Day to Everyone

Split Rock Lighthouse – North Shore

SUMMER-North-Shore-MN-Lake-Superior-hiking-woman-JK-Joshua-Krause-full-usage_REV_CC - Visit Cook County MinnesotaMe – On the Rocks Again
(Without alcohol – Ha!)



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