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It is a joy to follow the award-winning multimedia artist Milan Zulic because his art is so out of the box and unusual. I was honored to be able to chat with him about his impressive art.  I shared with him that I felt like his type of art must come from a form of deep pain within the soul.  He wrote back with the response listed below, verbatim. His profound response is very reflective of an evolutionary mind, like a Buddhist, or a world leader.

He told me it is all about “hollow bamboo” – the power of emptiness. He gave me permission to share his personal thoughts with you readers.  Like all people, there is always a story beneath the “story’s birth.”  Enjoy his words.

His Words – Thousands of DimensionsMilan Zulic – Work is love made visible

Art can be divided into two parts. Ninety-nine percent of art is a subjective art. Only one percent is objective art. The ninety-nine percent subjective art has no relationship with meditation.  Only one percent of objective art is based on meditation.

The subjective art means you are pouring your subjectivity onto the canvas, your dreams, your imaginations, your fantasies. It is a projection of your psychology. The same happens in poetry, in music, in all dimensions of creativity – you are not concerned with the person who is going to see your painting, not concerned what will happen to him when he looks at it; that is not your concern at all. Your art is simply a kind of vomiting. It will help you, just the way vomiting helps. It takes nausea away, makes you cleaner, makes you feel healthier. But you have not considered what is going to happen to the person who is going to see your vomit. He will become nauseous. He may start feeling sick.

Objective art is just the opposite. The man has nothing to throw out; he is utterly empty, absolutely clean. Out of this silence, out of this emptiness arises love, compassion. And out of this silence arises a possibility for creativity. This silence, this love, this compassion – these are the qualities of meditation.

Objective art comes from the emptiness of your heart; you just become a flute, a hollow bamboo, and the universe sings through you. Your only credit is that you don’t create any hindrances, you simply allow the universe to flow through you. With you being in a let-go and allowing the universe to flow through you, objective art is created.

There is not much objective art in the world, because before objective art can be created, you have to become a hollow bamboo, and you are so solid, your ego is so stubborn. Before creating objective art, you have to be so humble, almost nobody. In your absence, there comes a great universal flood. That flood can become poetry, a painting, music, a dance, a sculpture. Thousands of dimensions are available, you just allow it.” – Osho – Milan Zulic

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