Purposeful Anger

Anger has a purpose when
it forces us to change,
Things that made us tired of
the shallowness of games.

Anger can be creative when
through our fury, we can see,
The blame we placed on others
with whom we could not agree.

Anger can direct our focus
allowing true intent to find,
The purpose and a definition of
the actions that keep us blind.

Anger can bring awakening
to the souls who were led astray,
Replacing their reason for being
by sending apathy away.

Anger teaches many lessons
with viewpoints never the same,
As we learn to change our attitude,
to not continue shame and blame.

Here’s to hoping you get so angry you break
a bad habit instead of a flower vase.

That’s good anger!

Dr. Deb

3 Comments on “Purposeful Anger

  1. Thanks Grace. No sure I’m going participate in the nomination process. I’ve had to redo my 3rd website because of failures on Word Press side…that is getting old. (now you know why the themes keep changing!! (HaHa.) Someone needs to push me to complete the nomination. It’s been raining here in Two Harbors for 5 straight days – nonstop. No that IS depressing! Take care . . .

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