Raindrops & Clouds

Clouds gave up their bounty
with their bellies full of rain,
to a very misty morning
upon this very day.

Few have thought or
even questioned why,
a darkened sky would want
to cause the clouds to cry.

Do the clouds accumulate
their precious drops of rain,
to simply decorate the sky
with sadness as its game?

Yes and No would be the answer
Mother Earth has all the power,
to stimulate the need to curse
yet knowing life without her,
would leave us with no

Dr. Deb

15 Comments on “Raindrops & Clouds

  1. Hey! Just reaching out to let you know that you’ve been nominated for the Golden Bloggerz Award. Congratulations 👏👏. * If your site is award-free, I completely understand and am using this as an opportunity to show that I truly value your work.❤️

  2. A note of thanks to you Grace! You are so very special . . . you fill my heart with joy. I have no clue when the award winner will be revealed – am getting a bit antsy. I look forward to the award be “awarded” to whomever the very happy winner will be. Anyway, thanks again – Dr. Deb

    • Just seen this sweet message Dr. Deb. I want to thank you for the excellent work you do. You deserve many awards and recognition. Your site as absolutely wonderful and I truly look forward to reading your posts. Hugs and love to you.❤️

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