Are You A Creator?

Creators are naturally intuitive; they are the folks who sit right up at the top and bang in the middle of being introverted or extroverted.  Creators come in two forms: introverted creators, who are inventors, inventive, and able to multi-task on many new ideas all at one time.

Introverted creators such as Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, and Bill Gates totally focus on the creative process and let others run their business. The extroverted Creators are pioneers: innovative but focused, creating not just products, but business strategies as well.

Their Strengths:  Visionary; creative; optimistic; stimulation; able to inspire others; can multitask; great at getting things started.

Their Weaknesses: Poor sense of timing; over-optimism with what others can achieve; easily distracted; terrible at getting things finished.

Their Failures:  Failure results from trying to control too much, run too fast, or expect too much. Many creators have never gotten sharted because they think they can do it all themselves.

When you have time, ponder the above, and let me know if you are a Creator!

Dr. Deb

One Comment on “Are You A Creator?

  1. I think I’m a creator, but what I’m more sure of is that I’m an introvert, lol. We have certain skillsets that best complement extroverts, but the sad thing is that the world isn’t geared for people who need time away from others. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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