The Edge of Freedom

It’s common to think of freedom as “freedom from,” “freedom of,” “freedom to do,” or “freedom to be” something.  Freedom far exceeds anything on that spectrum.  We can each redefine ourselves by choosing to create a different reality that generates a new set of possibilities in our life. We can call “creative acts” the edge of freedom – the faculty by which, down through history, we have redefined both our world as well as ourselves.

Freedom is not like the fake “phenomena” out there. It’s closer to “being” than it is to a “thing” because it has nothing to do with options. I’d say freedom in a world of limited dimensionality could never show up as itself. It would be distorted as something false.

Freedom doesn’t live in a temporality such as the past, present, and future since it never stops. Nothing is pulling one way nor the other; freedom is simply there, everywhere. The down and dirty of freedom it’s about our ability to choose freedom and couple it with our profound human ability to create, well, just about anything.

Create and live free readers . . .

Dr. Deb

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