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The gifts we receive in life are the things we are naturally good at and comfortable doing.  We excel at our natural gifts without trying because we were born with them. The challenges in our life become both our adversary and teacher. Becoming whole and balanced means we conquered our weaknesses.

Challenges are not meant to be overcome but rather to teach. Judgment restricts the process of learning. Some lessons need to be learned in life because we haven’t yet experienced or learned from them.  Learning lessons is definitely not easy.  Judgments restrict the process of learning.  Meaning, when we label something as good, bad, right, or wrong, it will no longer continue to unfold and become our teacher naturally. Staying neutral is the key to learning.

Relationships are our mirrors. What we see in others is a reflection of what we may want, need, or already have. Relationships are connected through our emotions, thoughts, agreements, as well as time and space. They are also the learning ground of expression and purpose. They become the sacred meeting space where the dance of life discovers your inner self.

Affirmations are the declarations of truths being acknowledged. It an agreement of what we know and what we intend to do with this knowledge. When we declare an affirmation, we activate our core intention into the present moment at an intense level.  In that manner, we widen the circle of human compassion and the whole of nature.

Know one last thing, dear readers- Kindness will always be the best form of humanity.

Dr. Deb

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