One of Three

One of three left in the black of night,
As the white coats tried to play God.
Stripping her heart of its peaceful rest,
Claiming lawful words didn’t fit.

Third sister stands alone in the fight,
In the blackness of the night.
As the second of three lays in a cloudy haze,
Family tightly wound ‘round her.

Tears spoke freely of past memories,
While the dwindling of time sped by.
Third sister stands alone in the quiet of the night,
And felt the beauty of the passing.

The third sister stands alone in her grief,
With a heart full of rage and contempt.
Asking why with tears in her eyes,
Her soul rips from the weight of regret.

The third sister hides in soundless screams,
As she mournes for the silent family tree.
As the last sister grieved for the first and second,
Their memory now clenched close to her breast.

A waking dream caused a glimmer of a smile,
Seeing two lost sisters with hands on her chest.
In the blink of a cry, she pulls them into her heart
with all the memories of once being three.

I wrote this poem – it was extremely difficult to write.  I  cry every time I read it.
It is a true poem/story of the loss of both my sisters to cancer – four and five months apart.
My wish is that you each remember to take time to honor and love all your “sisters and brothers”
that walk this land, as well as those now living in heaven.

To this very day, I still grieve for my sisters Sandy and Vicki.
It has been 6 years since they moved into heaven, yet it feels like yesterday.
My deepest wish is to have visiting hours in heaven.

– A Bit of Wisdom for All –

Dr. Deb

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