Worried Minds

We don’t often make choices from our heart,
we make them from the mind space which governs
our lives that tend to keep us small.

Our worried minds usually are not on our side. Anything that favors fear over love is not an ally of mine. If 60-80% of our daily thoughts are negative, how the heck do we learn to make decisions based on what is truly best for us rather than the easiest. Why do we avoid making choices based on fear?  Albert Einstein so eloquently said,

“I believe in intuitions and inspirations…
I sometimes ‘feel’ that I am right.
I do not ‘know’ that I am.” ~ Albert Einstein

I think that’s bang on. When choosing between two options, decisions are generally based on the deeply instinctual knowing we feel in our gut or heart. The outcome of “knowings” benefits the journey our life path has taken us. Actually, the body is one of our greatest and wisest guides. However, we must recognize that some of our wisdom can be misleading, especially when our chitter-chatter begins to start a rampage in our minds.  We have deep instinctual callings that are soul-driven. Being drawn to that type of energy is ultimately our best opportunity to expand personal knowledge.

I have become very intimate with the undeniable value and wisdom of mind chatter when it chooses to speak to me rather loudly at 3 am in the morning. That’s my higher self communicating that it is time to start my daily tasks (or maybe it’s just teasing me).  My inner guru — the “me within me” knows it’s about time for my early morning visitor, Oy the cat, so he can joyfully jump on my chest – all 15 pounds of his Pedigree Pixie Bob body.

“We have five senses in which we glory and which
we recognize and celebrate, senses that
constitutes the sensible world for us.
There are other senses — secret senses, sixth senses
if you will — equally vital, but unrecognized, and unlauded.”

~Oliver Sacks~

How can we distinguish between the wise voice inside speaking truth and
the voice that keeps us small to prevent us from being bold?
How can I stop my cat from jumping on my chest?
(It’s a good day for humor)

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