Our walk through life can be likened to walking a tightrope stretched across the vastness of space. This may be by design to force us to learn how to walk in balance, especially in the difficult areas of our life. Yet, I believe the universe is compassionate and responsive to our needs.  It certainly is playful! On any given day, our tightrope may need to be ten feet wide with handrails to protect us as we develop our “balancing” skills and gain confidence during difficult times.  The very next day may be much narrower, as we easily walk it.  Ideally, the rope is just wide enough to keep us in the upper end of the learning zone rather than moving into danger.

Couple of things to keep in mind:

  • There are two stages of “being.” One is walking in balance and staying on the rope. The other state is tumbling. Tumbling creates the feeling of mindlessness, fearfulnes, and being out of control.  We are either walking mindfully while being fully present on the rope or we are mindlessly tumbling to some degree.
  • The moment we sense we are tumbling, we are already moving back toward balance. We eventually pop right back up there!  The folks learning this point continue to tumble until they understand this premise.  We get more stressed out about being distressed.  We then become more anxious when we notice we are anxious.  This may lead to becoming dangerously out of balance and heightens our sense of being out of control.
  • The goal is to know how you feel when you are balanced as clearly as you feel when you are tumbling. In this manner, you learn a much deeper form of balance by having the presence of mind to recognize when you are in or out of balance.
  • The more you struggle to stay in control of your balance, the less you are.  Oh gosh, a personal favorite of mine!  Still working on it!  Real control and balance emerge from a state of naturalness.  We must practice, practice, practice until it happens without thinking.
  • Remember, it is all about learning, not about being perfect.  The key is not to tumble because of having tumbled or getting more mindless about being mindless.  With practice, each movement and step will become one of joy, wonder, and self-discovery.

Enjoy learning to walk.

Dr. Deb

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