Shamans of Me’s and Not Me’s

Some believe shamans were the last people to speak to nature. There is a technique used in shamanism that changes and strengthens our consciousness in a way that creates a new way of living. One that embraces harmony within and without, and the light we seek that is never far away.

There are many spiritual practices that attempt to remove the dualism of the Me and Not-Me’s to recover and strengthen the sense of wholeness and oneness we intuitively knew as children. The Me’s are who we truly are – the Not-Me’s are what we pretend to be to ensure acceptance. We never really lose our sense of harmony with nature – it’s our internal chatter that derails our connection to wholeness of nature’.

My passion is the wind. OOOHHH MMMYYY.  When I’m troubled or depressed, I pray for the wind to blow through my mind and heart.  I turn my face into the wind and listen to what it tells me.  I hear the voices of the Earth breathing as she shares her snippets of ancient stories with me.  I breathe her in and she breathes me.

There will always be some mysterious wind shaking the tapestry that tries to hide the mysteries of life.  With our passing, Mother Earth has ensured us she will lift that tapestry as she carries our souls across the sky.

Dr. Deb

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