Bully Brain Sass – Part II

Welcome to Day 2 – Part 2!!!

Maybe you were surprised to discover the main culprit capable of creating either extreme fear or amazing personal transformation has set up lodging right between our ears! The nastiest part of the bully brain is its relationship with the logical left brain. That is where all the tapes of our life stories are stored. The mind replays what the heart cannot delete – incessantly.  Because bully brain sass hides deep within the logical brain – it never leaves us alone.  It truly is the biggest bully that ever lived.  With innumerable tangling tentacles constantly writhing around inside the logical mind, it tends to asphyxiate many of our good-thoughts. Our left-brain logic has dominated and harmed consciousness for centuries.

Question for you – do the thoughts dancing around in your mind do more harm than good?  Bully brains use many nasty voices to chat away in the left brain. They are experts at making up “false thoughts and stories.”  Unfortunately, if we choose to listen to this sass, it makes conscious healing very difficult. The basic tool to liberate the “bully brain” is to choose to kick the “bully brain sass” out of the logical side of your mind. Let go of all its destructive chattering thoughts. That’s when you’ll have the power to begin to choose what qualities you want to in your life.

Wow, not sure you could/would/or want to do that? You can. The first step is to choose to do it from your heart, not your mind. There isn’t a single painful “life story” out there that cannot be healed. Healing starts when you choose to think from the deepest truth living in your heart and soul.  Clearing away all your programmed thinking gives you the ability to stop that chatterbox in your mind.

By laying down a solid foundation to build authentic consciousness, you must remember to firmly ground your body on this earth.  Not up in the ethers zipping around aimlessly as you wonder why you can’t remember a single thought for more than two seconds. That is called “zoning out.”

Living life begins at the end of your comfort zone. The “bully brain” can’t survive in a space that operates from love rather than hate and strength rather than weakness.  Interacting in life from your heart and soul will always allow the conscious mind to express your values to shape your soul – not the bully brain’s soul.

More tomorrow – the last day!

Dr. Deb

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