Becoming Your Own Legend

Authentic power has its roots in the deepest core of the soul. It cannot be purchased or hoarded. Folks who choose to work with their authentic power are incapable of making anyone, or anything, a victim. What we humans tend to perceive as being insurmountable, in reality, rarely is.

We have all learned that choosing to be a victim of our personal stories limits transformation. Why does one person get up after being pushed down when others do not? They choose to get up. More than likely, they worked very hard to avoid falling into the “false glory” of victimhood. They stopped blaming their hurt feelings, broken dreams, and fears on others to become self-accountable through choice. There is very little value in suppressing the self.

Conscious healing and empowerment bring all aspects of being human into balance. Moving through life with a healthy body, honest emotions, a clear mind, and the free-flowing spirit of an authentic soul makes it much easier to clean the rubbish out of our thoughts. When we step away from our memories and stories, we no longer see ourselves as victims. That is conscious empowerment of the soul of moving beyond your life’s story.


Personal freedom “responds” to every moment rather than reacting to illusions. When fully present, we become unfettered by past events and the emotional garbage we collected along the way.  Yes, walking the path of consciousness takes discipline and dedication. However, the gift of learning to walk away from pain and suffering is gratifying. It teaches us acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion. We become responsible for the actions we take because the past only haunts those who cling to it.

In the first part of this writing, I mentioned I’d “lost my mind.”  The only way I found the clarity of my mind again was by kicking my ghosts and their spooky whisperings out of my head.  I felt an intense rush of freedom when I began consciously releasing the emotional stories my bully’s brain-mind kept chattering about.  Today, I view those narratives written so long ago are simply back-fence chatter.  By setting my mind free, I found my authentic soul.

My wish for you, dear reader, is that your healing process is gentle and filled with love, curiosity, and magical wonder. Buddha said, what you think, you become.  What you feel, you attract.  What you imagine, you create.

So, no matter what, be your own kind of beautiful self and open any door you’d like.

Dr. Deb

3 Comments on “Becoming Your Own Legend

  1. Excellent post Deb. I absolutely agree with you, though it is difficult to break
    a victim mentality, once done, it becomes such a liberating lesson.Thank you for sharing such a well
    written and helpful article that is sure to touch many.❤️

      • Yes.I so agree.It’s great to let it out and move forward, to then erase any reoccurring expectation.❤️

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