Theory of Yin & Yang

I finally chose to post this information after a good bit of debate with myself (for over a month).  My concern is/was whether you readers would even like to learn a bit about this theory. My decision to post it is was because it is actually a primer on how we can “heal ourselves naturally.”

Following are the “laws of nature” that govern the entire universe and all within it.

Governing Yin and Yang

  • All things are the differentiated apparatus of one infinity. (we are all one)
  • Everything changes. (frequently!)
  • All antagonisms are complementary. (antagonism refers to “a conflicting force”)
  • No two things are identical.
  • Every condition has its opposite.
  • The extreme of any condition will produce signs of its opposite.
  • Whatever has a beginning has an end.

Yin Conditions

Cold:  Poor circulation; cold hands and feet; subnormal fevers; muscle cramps and spasms; desire for warmth

Deficient:  Anemia; vitamin, mineral, or protein deficiencies; underweight; paleness; clear urine; low vitality; timidity; shallow, weak breath; fatigue and tiredness

Deep:  Involves internal organs; sensitive, emotional states; tolerates or prefers deep massage

Wet:  History of eating raw fruits and vegetables; frequent urination; watery stools containing undigested foods; thin, clear mucus

Other diagnostics features:  Pulse feels slow, deficient, weak, sunken, or deep; tongue appears pale, lightly coated

Yang Condition

Hot:  Inflammatory; high fevers; burning sensation; irritability; desire for cool things; hot hands and feet

Excess:  Rapid breathing; loud; course speech; forceful; high blood pressure; insomnia; overweight a red face; cloudy urine

Superficial:  Acute ailments; ailments due to exposure to the cold, damp wind; aversion to deep massage or pressure on the abdomen

Dry:  Constipation; dry mouth; mucus is thick (white, yellow, or tinged with blood); the history of eating meat

Other diagnostic features:  Pulse feels rapid, forceful, full; the tongue is heavily furred, coated white, yellow-red, or purple

If you have feedback or questions, please let me know!


Enjoy!!!  Dr. Deb

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