Third Person Crap

I used to believe when the crap came down
I’d begin to think of myself in the third person
Then I’d step way back and gain perspective.
I used to think our world had freedom of speech
Because history was written by the victors of war
Even as some folks embraced genocidal maniacs.
I’ve now learned controlling generally fails
Because the nature of the universe already knew
What rocks the cradle is arrogance and selfishness.
I am a descendant of the
strong women you may have forgotten.
For we hold the stories you thought
You could never be taught.
I’m am blessed with a heart
That was birthed from a wildflower.
Tough enough to weather storms
As I continue to grow and flourish.
I am a woman with a book and a pen
I have the power to move nations.
I am a woman with a mind and a voice
I have the power to change worlds.
It appears there is no structure in chaos
As hope barely holds this world together.
You’ve read all of my prose
Pray that hope boldly takes hold.
Dr. Deb

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