Unfinished Quote

An “Unknown” person wrote the following.

Say how you feel,
leave the job you hate,
find your passion, love with every
ounce of your bones, stand up for
things that matter, don’t settle,
don’t apologize for who you are.
Be brave.


The above “thought” defines empowerment as a construct shared by many disciplines and arenas – community development, psychology, education, economics, and studies of social movements and organizations.  To “empower” means to give or delegate power or authority; in other words, to enable or permit.  In our current society, the tendency is to give our personal “empowerment” away to other people, rather than using it to live a healthy life.  Self-empowerment is our personal responsibility.  We must personally maintain complete control and accountability for our own life circumstances and choices.  

Conscious healing and empowerment coax the mind and body toward balance.  This effort helps us create a healthy body, mind, spirit, and soul.  Exercise, quiet-time and/or meditation, nutrition, and restorative sleep are a few physical health elements of healing.  Each has a direct impact on our physical, emotional, and mental well-being.  When we choose to step away from bad memories, we naturally discontinue seeing ourselves as victims.  That is when we begin to heal on all levels. What’s the most difficult goal?

To not give it away to anyone.

Dr. Deb

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