Sorry Statement – I’m Losing it!

Hey, all you fabulous followers!  I wanted to take a moment to apologize for all the CRAZY changes going on with my website.  Bet everyone’s mind is spinning on what you’ll see next!  Ha!

I’m keeping what you see now, but I will be taming down the purple color in just a few minutes.  And then, I’m making myself a cocktail because I’m SUPER STRESSED OUT!!!

Love all of you . . . I really would love to have us all together at the same time to chat about why we post, what we post, and what we’ll do next. I’m pretty sure lots of you could teach me a lot of things.  The most important and irritating issue is keeping my cat off my desk when I’m working…..

Chat back ok?!!

Dr. Deb

Would love to hear any feedback you have to offer!

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