Two Sets of Three

There are three divisions of time – the past, present, and future. They synthesize each other to define time.

The three primary parts of being human are the mind, body, and spirit. They synthesize each other to define a person.

How nice! By simply saying “Beetlejuice” three times, we can kinda make anything happen with the above “two sets of three.”

Some folks choose to see their past, present, and future from an angry, judgemental mind.  Being angry over a sick body or a depressed inner-spirit tends to create a “victim mindset.”  That doesn’t need to happen – but some people do choose to live life as a victim.

Have you courageously chosen to live life with a healthy spirit full of the joy of a free spirit?  Hope so.

All of us bring something special to our table of life.  What are you bringing to “your table”?

Dr Deb

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