When Two Becomes Three

I stand alone within my mind,
wishing both would turn around.
To say my name and hold my hand
please say it isn’t so.

We three sisters walked together,
we wished upon each star.
We traded dreams for each tomorrow,
with our heartstrings intertwined.

You both held out your hand,
and I held yours so tight.
While searching for a way,
to erase what’s been witnessed,
what’s been seen.

In the slowly failing light,
with all its approaching brilliance,
a whispered smile gently touched me
as you both slowly slipped away,
despite all the gasps of “no.”

I looked for reasons in the forests,
but none were found to be.
I looked for answers from the eagles,
hearing grief within the cries in me.

There is no better way, my sisters,
but to hold your souls within.
Until that special day arrives
when one and two become – three.

Dr. Deb

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