Love of Two Undo

I disappeared from view one day
from those who harmed me well,
Holding tightly onto the love of two,
and safely hide my love from view.

The need to please for safeties sake
was my daily chore to fake,
Praying each night on fallen knees
for strength, light, and love,
Within the darkness of each night.

Decades passed; life moved on,
until one day when a search was born
To find the one, the light, my love,
who still lived deep within my heart
Every lifeless day and night.

The love once lost was finally found,
though miles stretch between us,
words zooming across invisible wires
broaden our smiles and warmed our heart,
that finally cradled the love of two.

Time passed by and love diminished,
words were spoken that left love broken
yet every day, my heart still sees his face,
I loved, I forgave, and I finally let him go.

Dr. Deb

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