Hearing Echoes

While working on my upcoming book, I’m noticing that sometimes I get pulled down by my childhood “echoes.”   We humans have the crazy tendency to be continually drawn to our disturbing memories.  We also tend to get caught reworking those memories over and over in order to “feel better.”

When I slip into the emotion of an echo, I think of someone I follow on Word Press, Dennis Cardiff.  This is the man who wrote the amazinDennis Cardiff - The Independent Author Networkg book “Telling The Stories of Those Too Often Ignored:  Conversations with Street People.”  He has been involved with street people since 2010.  I read and re-read many of the “conversations,” even though they hit my heart like a sledgehammer.  I roll with it for a bit, and then I think about how that conversation must have affected Dennis.  What are his echoes like?  Wow.

HE is an inspiration. HE helps me pull away from my own “echo memories.”  We writers bleed as we birth our books, don’t we?

My thanks to you, Dennis.

Dr. Deb

2 Comments on “Hearing Echoes

  1. When my echoes start, I grab my headphones.i can still move forward without the burden of the past. Make good memories on this journey. I like your post.

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