Earth Gifts

The earth offers gifts to humanity every single moment.  She shares her natural abilities and offerings with humans in multiple forms.  She creates the forests, lawns, and rain to support the trees, bromeliads, birds, snakes, fungi, butterflies, and ants.  Each and every one of them has a special story to tell.  Forests belong to the world – they breathe, grow, flourish in snow, heat, and rides out storms.  They survive frequent over-fertilization and periods of little water due to lack of rain.  Giving nature our full attention allows us to realize Mother Earth’s gifts speak to all of us – you, me, our parents, children, and friends.

Each of us can use the power of nature to nourish our creativity, imagination, and spirituality.  Nature is not simply a physical resource; it is an undiscovered treasure chest for the whole of humanity.  Nature has taught me to appreciate, with compassion and love, every single moment of this life.  Living is about the nature of humanity and its desires and dreams.

Without the gifts of Mother Nature, we wouldn’t exist. So, in honor of Mother Nature, take the time to walk in nature today, tomorrow, and well, every day.

She’s waiting for you – open the door and let some of her energy in.

Dr. Deb

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