Look Into the Sky

When I come to the end of the road, and the sun begins to set for me, I do not want dark rites full of gloom to fill the air around us.  Cry only with tears of joy as my soul is set free.  Miss me a little – but not too long – and never with your head bent low.

lookup into the sky – and let me go 

Wish me goodbye as you turn your face to the wind and allow it to blow through your hair and soul. Watch it mingle together with the memories of all the good times we’ve shared in life.

but then let me go

Don’t chain me down with sad memories full of excessive tears of grief.  Life has been like a big bottle of bubbly champagne for me; all fizzed up with the laughter, silly times, with a few pinpricks of disappointment.

just let me go

Life is a journey toward death – as you walk away and tears begin to fall.  Embracing all memories, simply smile, take a deep breath, and gently walk toward the light that is waiting to embrace you. It’s all part of life’s master plan – we much each step onto the road that leads us to our heavingly home. Do not drown your sorrows with anger and grief, but rather sprinkle good deeds on others in my name.  Then send them all the love and compassion I’ve held within.

miss me a little but not too long
’cause I’ll always be in your heart
right where I belong

Dr. Deb

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