Trauma – How to Heal Naturally

Unfortunately, we humans are currently struggling to handle the effects of widespread trauma in today’s society. Our purpose and even the evolution of the human species in this world never included an owner’s manual outlining a conscious understanding of how to respond to stress and trauma.

As a result, we struggle to identify and fix our trauma as it quickly spirals downwards, making our issues more painful and deeply set.  We fall hard when all the trauma and stress occur because it affects the mind, body, spirit, and relationships.  Our human tendency is to remain strong by smiling even when our deepest ​desire is to scream, cry, hide in a bottle of alcohol, or whatever the distraction of choice may be. Fear and panic then begin to set in.

Many friends, family, and folks you pass by on the street are living with their own private version of stress and trauma that leads to what Henry Thoreau called “Quiet lives of desperation.” But I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone, and there is a natural path to healing – a way to release those “trauma hooks” naturally, safely, gently, and effectively.

When trauma hits, it’s easy to reach for a band-aid fix of something we heard might relieve the stress and misery. Our initial focus is to try anything to take the pain away and “feel better.”  When reaching for increasingly bigger and more powerful solutions, we easily forget to go back to the most powerful route that exists:  The Gifts of Nature.

The primary value of healing trauma and stress with nature-based remedies is there are no harmful side effects.  By using Mother ​Nature’s healing gifts, we quickly tap into the body’s natural healing process.  That’s because herbs contain ingredients that are regularly produced in the body.  We aren’t introducing foreign substances – we are simply adding natural healing companions to our bodies’ own incredible built-in healing processes.

Using a gentle healing path for inner peace is critical because trauma wounds don’t heal how you want them to heal the way they need to. It takes time for trauma to fade and the process of healing to authentically occur. We must be gentle with our wounds – and even more gentle with our heart.

I will be offering a Zoom class for everyone interested in a class titled “Your Peaceful, Natural Healing Process.”  The date isn’t clear yet, but it will be in the next three weeks.  My approach to releasing trauma and stress is natural, gentle, and tailored to your personal needs.  The process will be respectful of your current situation and lifestyle.

My guiding principles are:

Below Are Three Things I Promise You

Genuinely Understanding You
When was the last time someone took the time and care to really listen to you and understand you?  For most people, this is desperately missing. Wholehearted listening is the heart of my work.

Creating Remedies Tailored to You
My husband and I collect all the herbs by hand and source other natural remedies with care. Each hand-crafted remedy is uniquely tuned and matched to what your body needs to obtain optimum healing.

Holding Sacred Space for You
As your body begins to harmonize naturally, you’ll begin feeling more moments of peacefulness. At this stage, we’ll start to gently touch and explore your painful memories and slowly release them.  All classes will be using the Zoom Platform.

Ready to heal? Let me know.  Just email me at, and I’ll add you to the list!

Dr. Deb

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