The Native American Medicine Wheel

In the Native American way, the outside world reflects the world inside – they are one and within us all the time. The Medicine Wheel, also referred to as the Sacred Hoop of Life, keeps us “whole.” The male energy is the straight lines of the medicine wheel, and the female energy is the circle – the two energies merge and become the hoop as they reflect upon and support each other.

This is the natural healing platform I have built my life and practice upon. To begin the healing process, one must enter the Medicine Wheel from the East and walk the circle of healing “in awareness” toward the North.

The East Side – The East direction of the wheel, which also represents Spring, is associated with beginnings. It is yellow and reminiscent of the sun and represents our arrival into the world.

The South Side – The South direction represents Summer and adolescence, with its red color alluding to the season’s heat.  Associated with experimentation, it’s the time in our life where we begin to build our identities.

The West Side – The West direction represents Autumn, our adult years.  This signified the phase in our life when we begin to make our own decisions and develop our own values.

The North Side – The north direction is white to represent enlightenment, the time we become elders.  It is associated with winter and purity – a time for us to return to the spiritual world.

Mother Earth – This is the fifth direction of the wheel.  It is associated with the color green and represents our connection to life.

Father Sky – The sixth direction alludes to the world we are living in presently, as well as the world we are moving toward.

You – The last direction, often forgotten, is YOU.  This refers to your physical and spiritual state at the center of the wheel.  This part of the medicine wheel represents the balance we strive to achieve between our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual sides.

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