She spent her life dancing to her favorite songs,

She was a little girl who was all alone.

Eyes wide open, always hoping for the sun,

She was a little girl crying all alone.

Fragile as a leaf in autumn as they fell to the ground,

Without ever making a sound.

She had a crooked little smile on her blue-eyed face,

as she starts to tell me her silent tale of grace.

She’s still a little girl standing all alone.

Wondering if she’ll ever have a home.

Dr. Deb

2 Comments on “Alone

  1. Sadly, being alone is very common. Rape victims, homeless folks, the elderly are often left alone. LGBTQ folks are judged for being weird and “aweful” because of their life style choices.

    I worked with street people in Minneapolis. Us folks who have a home with warmth and food were in tears when we gave them food and blankets.

    Maybe the people who judge should judge themselves. Not referring to you Candy.

    Dr. Deb

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