Simply Being

Years ago, a small child saw the world through her eyes with amazement, trust, and anticipation.  Life continued to be in a constant simplistic state of “simply being.”   With no expectation of the moments yet to come, the child became fully engaged in the wonder of each and every second of life and experienced life in its purest form of existence – a state of awe and wonder. The child did not analyze her life, try to describe it, nor did she judge it.  She simply lived by “simply being.”

Within those complex yet minimalistic moments, she whole-heartedly immersed herself in her “authentic purpose.”  Her purpose was to simply experience everything on a moment-to-moment basis, with total abandonment.  Utter unadulterated, authentic abandonment.

Conscious abandonment is “being without expectations.”  That opens the door to gently listening to and healing our mind, emotions, body, and soul.  As we become adults, we begin to miss all the spontaneous “fun” that fed the soul as a child.  We do not have to lose the power of “only being, we need to let the child in use out to get a bit of fresh air.  Life isn’t easy – it takes guts, grit, and patience to participate in everyday life.

From my life experiences, everything seems to begin and end right between the ears anyway.

Dr. Deb

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