Handwriting Words

I understand the difficulty paired with the loss of someone you dearly love. Believe me; I’ve had a few.  We all feel sadness with loss, but with loss comes wishes, the wish for everything to be okay – as it once was. With time, some wishes come true, and within those moments, the magic of the human soul is seen. There is an Irish saying that says, “Death leaves a heartache no one can heal; love leaves a memory no one can steal.”

Although the past few years have been painfully unique for many people, they still define life. There have been many moments of happiness and grace, as well as sudden deep anger over losing someone yet again.  In a world where keyboards and touch screens run our lives, I cannot express how giddy I get when someone sends me a handwritten letter. Those letters tear me up because they are super-sacred. I’m always honored that someone took the time to WRITE – not type.

Got a pen?

Dr. Deb


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