Twelve Minutes of Time

The fog is very dense, eerie, ghostly, and mysterious here in Minnesota as the night tries to give up its possessive grip on the darkness. As the night begins morphing into a tiny shimmer of the approaching dawn, my thoughts and feelings are drawn toward the various concepts. Of seeing and not seeing, feeling and not feeling, being yet not being, and the ability to not think and simply be.

My cat is curled up right in front of my keyboard, purring away. I must wrap my arms around him to type, and some days this invasion really irritates me, but today he feels warm, safe, and fuzzy. This big warm ball of “Sleepy Oy-Boy Cat” has pulled me into an “amazement” moment to the level that I am not concerned one iota about how much my arms ache. They are beginning to cramp – but I keep them wrapped around him as I type because he continues to purr. Suddenly, I get the “Oy Wink” since he has one somewhat open as the other eye closes as he falls asleep.

Without trying, I really got into the purring, his unconditional love, the mist outside, and everything being covered with white snow.  I am getting completely lost in these new moments. Nothing else exists. I know this moment can never be recreated. How long was I holding him?  Well, I spent 12 minutes of time with those moments without even comprehending time itself.

My reflection is this.  If I go through my day just being in each moment to the best of my ability, just imagine how enriched my life would be with all those long moments! How many “12 minutes” can I add to each day by not judging, controlling, or manipulating?  How many “12 minutes” have I already missed?  Basically, I guess it doesn’t really matter what I missed because it is all in the past, and nothing can be changed.

The freedom to be in real-time is within us all.  We just need to choose to take the time to be there.

Blessing to all you readers.

Enjoy your “Twelve Minutes of Time” every single day.

Dr. Deb

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