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My belief is each of us learns the most from our suffering, changes, and challenges. We generally don’t learn much when everything is excellent.  We don’t even learn much on those groovy little car trips with all the magnificent scenery zipping by us that we don’t even notice. Humans need to be challenged to notice the real truth of their life, character, and soul.

For me, the scariest fantastic places I’ve ever been was where I learned the most.  It was when I came face-to-face with a bear as I was walking in the Porcupine Mountains.  True story.  I was coming out of the outhouse, and when I swung the door open, I was greeted by a bear that was “standing” about 6 feet from me. He sniffed the air and snorted – who wouldn’t when one was standing next to an ancient outhouse.  I simply smiled and said hi (literally) as he continued to stare at me. For some unknown reason, I was not afraid at all. We looked deeply into each other’s eyes as the bear lowered onto all four and slowly sashayed away. I had obviously been “excused” harm-free. It seems “my smell” wasn’t pleasing.

What a blessing.  If each of us held the same keen vision of life as a bear does, all that is ordinary in the human realm of life would allow us to embrace living rather than take it for granted. We humans need to be challenged. We need to understand the character of our soul.

That way, we will be blessed with a tremendous roar of real-life as it blasts us from the other side of silence.

Thank you for what you taught me, Mr. Bear.

Dr. Deb

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