Poetry of Dragons

To the mind, words are “stations” full of our life’s infinite experiences.  A person’s words reach both our distant past and the present moment as they wiggle their way into our equally unimaginable distant future. The audible will always cling to our form of thinking. As we all have experienced, we can be both truly magical and manic at the same time.

The essential nature of words cannot be exhausted by their meanings.  Nor can the importance of words be ignored because “words” are useful “transmitters of thoughts and ideas.” Words express the qualities of translatable concepts – somewhat like the sound of a melody. I believe each of us is gifted with the ability to discover the healing power of the words  – they contain our internal “melody.”

Words can also be a source of healing. They enable our ability to dream, creativity, self-identity, and all the other innards that make each of us so unique. It helps each of us live with our choices. Choices can help us understand ourselves more clearly as we learn to become our own keeper, healer, judge, and self-advocate.  That is when we become authentic. That’s when we flourish.

This website is about the various ways we can transform ourselves and maybe a bit of humanity. It’s all about the raw truths of living life authentically while trying to survive the painful challenges of life at the same time. That is when we learn to soothe the mind, body, soul. That’s where we will find the power of our personal dragons.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions about this website.  With conversations, we always create stimulating connections that expand the mind and open the heart. I’d love to hear from you.

Dr. Deb

Would love to hear any feedback you have to offer!

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