Dreaming of Dragons

“We men dream dreams, we work magic, we do good, we do evil. 
Dragons do not dream.  They are dreams.
They do not work magic: it is their substance, their being.
They do not do; they are.”

~ Ursula K. Le Guin, The Farthest Shore ~

To the mind, words are “stations” full of life’s infinite experiences, be they in the past, present, or future. Written and spoken words tend to reside deep in our unremembered past, or they wait for the yet-to-be future thoughts to be spoken or written. You are reading words right here, on this page, on this website, at this moment.  Words feel cherished when they have been read. They have the ability to wiggle their way into the unimaginable distant future.  Some audible sounds cling to all forms and potentialities of what we might verbally say or think.  Living is magical and/or manic at the same time.

The essential nature of words will never be exhausted; by their meaning or importance.  “Words” confirm their usefulness and ability to be “transmitters of thoughts and ideas.”  Words also express translatable concepts, such as the sound of a melody.  I believe each of us is gifted with the ability to realize and honor the infinite thoughts living within us. Words are basically a food source for our ability to dream, our creativity, self-identity, and our ability to recognize we are all powerfully unique.  Words are our keeper, healer, judge, and advocate of all forms of communication. Without them, we’d still be using sign language.

This website contains various ways to transform ourselves and humanity.  It’s about sharing the raw truths of living life authentically while trying to survive the painful challenges of each day. This sharing space is about the poetry of life that can soothe the mind, body, soul, and spirit at the same time.  It’s about the magic buried deep within us all around us.  It’s about knowing what’s in your heart and all the fabulous dreams you create.

With that shared, I think I’ll take my heart for a walk in the woods and listen to the magical whispering of the trees. Remember, dear readers, life and living are important parts of learning.  Learn the art of drawing a picture of your life without an eraser.

Feel free to comment or ask questions. Conversations create amazing connections and expand the mind and the heart.

I’d love to hear from you.

Dr. Deb